Adobe Publish & Adobe Acrobat DC

Spring is a time of change and renewal, and Adobe continues to follow that trend. Adobe has introduces a new product called Publish coming this Summer. Per Adobe directly, Adobe Publish is a platform that builds upon the foundation of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to bring the next generation of mobile app publishing. It will allow customers to make mobile apps for phones and tablets without requiring development and to produce and distribute great content in simple, cost-effective and modern ways. Learn more about it at the following:

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Adobe has also updated Adobe Acrobat, doing away with the version number attached to the product. The new version is called Adobe Acrobat DC, which stands for Document Cloud. This new version of Acrobat has quite a different look to it, so it may take some adjustment if you have been using Acrobat for many versions as I have.

The idea behind the product is to make Acrobat more mobile friendly, and this is the first official version that should be fully compatible with mobile devices. Another huge advantage to this version is it comes with built-in signing features that allow you to easily sign & send PDFs directly within Acrobat on any device.

This is an exciting upgrade that makes using Acrobat on any device a simple process. Get more information about this release at:

Learn more about Adobe Document Cloud (DC) & Acrobat