Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Course

Take advantage of all that Adobe Acrobat has to offer using this video course by Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs. Learn to customize your workflow to make performing tasks quick and easy. Navigate the interface to utilize the various features in Acrobat for PDF documents. Edit PDF documents with ease. Learn how to make the PDF format a part of your daily workflow.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Video Course

Adobe Acrobat XI is the biggest upgrade to Acrobat in its history! Total Training now offers a new video course to teach you how to use the new features. Learn how to customize the Acrobat XI to work efficiently on common tasks and easily navigate within and between documents. Get your documents converted to PDF forms with the click of a button. Become familiar with the reviewing and commenting process built into Acrobat. Explore how to move documents into and out of the PDF format while becoming familiar with the various tools within the program. This course will show you how to use the power of the PDF standard when working with digital documents. Control and understand the various conversion settings built into Acrobat to get the exact document you need. The PDF standard can simplify your document workflow, and this course provides you with a solid foundation in the power of Acrobat. Learn more at or view the Acrobat XI course outline below:

Adobe Acrobat XI Video Course Outline

C01 ACROBAT OVERVIEW & INTRODUCTION C01_L01 What is Adobe Acrobat XI? C01_L02 The PDF Standard C01_L03 Utilizing C01_L04 Using the Project Files C02 LEARNING THE ACROBAT INTERFACE C02_L01 Touring the Interface C02_L02 Accomplishing Tasks Using the Tools Pane C02_L03 Adding Tools for Easy Navigation C02_L04 Adding Tools for Multiple Page Viewing C02_L05 Adding Tools for Easy Zooming C02_L06 Customizing Quick Tools C03 NAVIGATING A PDF DOCUMENT EFFICIENTLY C03_L01 Viewing Document Properties C03_L02 Changing the Page View C03_L03 Setting the Initial View C03_L04 Navigating Using Page Thumbnails C03_L05 Searching a PDF Document C03_L06 Acrobat Preferences C04 CONVERTING DOCUMENTS TO PDF FORMAT C04_L01 Understanding PDF Conversion Settings C04_L02 Creating Your Own Conversion Settings C04_L03 Converting a Scanned Document C04_L04 Converting Word or Excel Documents on Windows C04_L05 Converting Word or Excel Documents on Mac C04_L06 Converting Web Pages C04_L07 Converting Any Digital Document C04_L08 Combining Files Into a Single PDF C05 MANAGING PDF DOCUMENTS C05_L01 Moving & Deleting PDF Pages C05_L02 Rotating Pages C05_L03 Inserting & Extracting Pages C05_L04 Cropping Pages C05_L05 Straightening & Correcting Pages C05_L06 Reducing File Size C06 ADDING FEATURES TO A PDF DOCUMENT C06_L01 Working with Bookmarks C06_L02 Adding Links to a PDF Document C06_L03 Adding Watermarks C06_L04 Adding Headers & Footers C06_L05 Adding Attachments C06_L06 Adding Video C06_L07 Creating Accessible Documents C07 EDITING & EXPORTING PDF CONTENT C07_L01 Editing & Adding Text in a PDF C07_L02 Editing Images in a PDF C07_L03 Extracting Text & Images C07_L04 Converting Images to Text Using OCR C07_L05 Exporting to Microsoft® Office C07_L06 Redacting PDF Content C08 REVIEWING & COMMENTING C08_L01 Commenting in a PDF Document C08_L02 Enabling Acrobat Reader Users to Comment C08_L03 Creating an Email Review C08_L04 Creating a Shared Review C08_L05 Using the Review Tracker C09 CREATING A PDF FORM C09_L01 Converting a Document to a PDF Form C09_L02 Adding Form Fields to a PDF Form C09_L03 Editing Form Fields C09_L04 Editing Content within a PDF Form C09_L05 Form Distribution C09_L06 Tracking Distributed Forms C10 ADDING SECURITY & SIGNING DOCUMENTS C10_L01 Securing a PDF Document C10_L02 Preventing Changes to a PDF C10_L03 Signing a PDF Document C11 CREATING & EDITING PDF PORTFOLIOS C11_L01 Creating a PDF Portfolio C11_L02 Editing a PDF Portfolio C11_L03 Saving & Viewing a PDF Portfolio C11_L04 Closing Credits