Acrobat & Outlook 2013 Issue

Do you use Acrobat to create PDF versions of your emails or email folders on Windows? Are you having issues trying to do this using Outlook 2013? There is a known issue in this process when using Acrobat.

The Outlook plug-in for PDF Export and Acrobat do not seem to play nice with one another. The larger your emails, the worse this issue becomes. I have not been able to convert emails or email folders since my upgrade to Outlook 2013. The issue occurs with both Acrobat X & XI.

Basically, a plugin called HTML2PDFWrap controls this conversion process. Memory issues can occur when trying to convert emails of a large size or that contain many images. You can end this process if you have had issues by using the Windows Task Manager and choosing End Process. This does not correct the problem however.

The Adobe Acrobat Engineering team is aware of the issue, so hopefully there will be a fix in an Acrobat update coming soon. To date, I am still unable to use this capability.

This is a convenient feature within Acrobat that allows you to create PDFs of individual emails or folders within Outlook. This is a great way to save copies of emails so they are fully searchable and viewable on any machine that does not have Outlook installed. I use this process consistently so I have easy access to older emails without the need to store it all in my Outlook folder. I can keep this PDF online or on my local machine, so I have old emails readily accessible no matter where I am provided I have internet access. I do not need to use Outlook to view my emails stored in PDF format.

Let’s hope that the Acrobat Engineering team is able to fix this issue. This is a very convenient method for maintaining and controlling email content, and I miss having this capability. I will try and post an update if and when this issue has been fixed.