CSS Conversion

Video2Brain CSS Conversion Free Sample Lessons

What is a Wireframe?

This lesson will introduce you to the concept of a wireframe. There is no need to manually create
a wireframe from designs when using Adobe Fireworks, but understanding the idea of a wireframe
will help understand how Fireworks looks at a web page when creating the code for web designs
during the graphic design to HTML and CSS conversion process.

Creating a Pop-Up Menu

See how easy it is to create a pop-up menu with Adobe Fireworks. Learn how to create a pop-up
menu using the Fireworks interface for the Destinations link in the navigation bar of a web page.

Preparing a PNG File for Export

Graphic design files can become laden with extra layers, and those extra layers can prevent
the conversion process from working correctly. In this lesson you’ll see how to set up your
PNG file to avoid issues while converting from a graphic design into a web page.

Exporting the PNG File

Positioning with CSS