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Adobe Acrobat PDF Forms Video Course

This Adobe Acrobat PDF forms video course by Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs teaches how to create and edit PDF forms using Adobe Acrobat XI. Become familiar with form design, understand the various form fields available, and discover how to add and edit these fields. You’ll see how to control form field properties to simplify form field creation and control user input to ensure accurate form data.

Learn how to speed up your PDF form creation workflow using the action wizard within Acrobat and the FormsCentral service. Explore the various methods available for PDF form distribution using Adobe Acrobat XI. This course will get you building and controlling PDF forms quickly and easily!

Learn More about the Acrobat PDF Forms Course at or view the course outline below.

Acrobat PDF Forms Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
    • What is Adobe Acrobat XI?
    • Why use a PDF Form?
    • Using the Course Files
  • Acrobat Interface
    • Interface Overview
    • Tools Pane
    • Customizing Quick Tools
    • Customizing for Easy Navigation
    • Creating a Custom Tool Set
  • Form Design
    • Importance of Form Design
    • Paper Forms vs Digital Forms
    • Digital Form Design Considerations
  • Creating a PDF Form
    • What Program Should I Use to Create the Form?
    • Form Properties
    • Auto Detect Form Fields
    • Form Editing Mode
    • Customizing a Document Before Conversion
    • Revising the Digital Document for Better Conversion
  • Starting with a Scanned Form
    • Working with Scanned Documents
    • Converting a Scanned Image into Text
    • Converting a PDF into a Form
    • Naming Form Fields
  • Adding and Editing Form Fields
    • Form Properties vs Field Properties
    • Form Field Positioning and Duplicating
    • Single Line Text Fields
    • Multi-line Text Fields
    • Radio Buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • List Boxes & Dropdown Menus
    • Adding a Button to a Form
    • Customizing Radio Buttons & Checkboxes
  • Form Accessibility
    • Designing for Accessibility
    • Tab Order
    • Adding Tags to a Document
    • Running an Accessibility Report
    • Correcting Accessibility Issues in a PDF
  • Controlling User Input
    • Setting Required Fields
    • Formatting a Date Field
    • Setting up a Phone Number Field
    • Controlling User Entry
  • Working with Adobe Reader Users
    • Reader User Considerations
    • Testing the Form in PDF Viewers
  • Form Distribution Options
    • Options for Form Distribution
    • Add Signature & Send via Email
    • Distribute using Acrobat
    • Distribute Form Recipient
    • Using the Form Tracker
    • Gathering Data into a Responses File
    • Exporting Data into Excel
  • Conclusion

Dreamweaver Training for Adobe Creative Cloud

Dreamweaver training now available for Dreamweaver CC! Anyone with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription has Dreamweaver CC available for download. Learn how to build websites in this video training course at

Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs walks you through the process of building a website from start to finish. Concepts covered along the way include using the CSS Designer panel within Dreamweaver to work with CSS using a visual interface, working with extensions to expand the program to easily add slideshows, insert Adobe Edge Compositions, add HTML5 videos, and create the basics for a jQuery Mobile website.

Take advantage of all that Dreamweaver CC has to offer and make the transition to the web an easy one.

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ColdFusion comes complete with a web server, database and application server built into the software. Learn how to use those systems to understand the basic concepts for any database driven website. ColdFusion requires less coding than any other server-side language, which also means less time correcting issues on your web pages.

Let Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs show you how easy it is to pull data from a database and build a dynamic website. Learn the basics of Adobe ColdFusion in this video training course now!

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This video course at teaches you how to convert Photoshop PSD files into HTML and CSS web pages. Anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop to create web designs can benefit from this course by Candyce Mairs! This course teaches you how to expand your graphic design skills beyond Photoshop and into web pages.

Learn the concepts of CSS positioning and page layout working in a program you are familiar with. Learn how to set up your designs within Photoshop and get those designs into code the easy way. Become familiar with how a browser understands your design layouts before you move them into code to make the transition an easy process.

Adobe Certified Instructor & Expert Candyce Mairs will walk you through the transition process and get you working on the web in no time!

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Dreamweaver CS5 New Features Workshop Video Training –!

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Candyce Mairs now offers Dreamweaver training in this video course titled Dreamweaver CS5 New Features Workshop! Working in Dreamweaver and considering an upgrade to CS5? This course offers an overview of all the new features in Dreamweaver CS5, with separate video lessons for each new feature. Quickly learn how to work with the CSS Inspect Tool, become familiar with the CSS Enable/Disable features, and look over the new CSS Starter Layouts included with the program. These are but a few of the new features in Dreamweaver CS5.

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jQuery Mobile Video Training at!

Learn how to build a mobile website using any HTML editor in this online video course recently released on! The jQuery Mobile framework allows you to create an entire website designed specifically for cross-platform touch-based mobile devices using a single web page. Candyce Mairs jQuery Mobile video training course teaches you how to create an entire mobile website that includes exciting additional features such as a slideshow and twitter feed.

Have fun learning jQuery Mobile while creating the Travel Adventures mobile website and take your website skills to the next level! Check out the completed Travel Adventures website and get started with jQuery Mobile now!

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Video Training Course (

This video training course covers building a dynamic database-driven website using ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder. Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs will teach you everything from installing ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder to setting up a testing environment. She will go over the basics of dynamic websites, including how web servers, application servers, server-side languages and databases all work together to create web pages.

Throughout the video training, a database-driven ColdFusion website will be built using ColdFusion tags and functions. Included exercise files are task-based, with ColdFusion concepts explained along the way. Candyce has been in the training industry since 1994, is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Master Designer and Instructor, and also holds Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert certifications in Fireworks, ColdFusion, Acrobat, and Contribute. Candyce will get you working in ColdFusion quickly in this video training course at

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Fireworks Web Workflow now available on!

Fireworks Web Workflow was just picked up by!

fireworks_wwFireworks CS4 provides features that allow you to easily convert your graphic designs into HTML and CSS web pages. Let Adobe Fireworks do the work for you converting your PNG file into standards compliant HTML and CSS. This course walks you through the process step by step, building a website using Fireworks, showcasing the various export options and how to set up a PNG file to get the results you want. Streamline your web workflow by letting Fireworks do most of the work for you and get that website up and running quickly!

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Video2Brain CSS Positioning Free Sample Lessons

Positioning with CSS

HTML tags define page content in the browser. Before you add CSS properties to a div tag,
it is necessary to assign an ID to the div tag to tell the browser which div tag you wish to
change. Once an ID is added to a div tag, CSS properties can be added for that div. In this lesson
we will explore how to assign CSS properties to a div tag.

Exploring the Fireworks Web Workflow Project

Adobe Fireworks CS6 enables you to add additional features to the HTML and CSS files created
when exporting a graphic design. In this lesson we’ll take a look at the graphic design that
will be used in this course and explore some of the features that will be added during
the graphic design to HTML and CSS web page transition process.

Exploring CSS Positioning Trailer

CSS enables you to control the look and layout of a web page much more precisely than with
HTML alone, but it can be time-consuming to learn. In this innovative workshop, Adobe Certified
Expert Candyce Mairs makes it quick and easy, walking you through the process of adding
content to a web page and using CSS to position that content. You will learn CSS positioning
concepts like the CSS “box model,” “floats,” and “clears,” and gain a deeper understanding
of how HTML and CSS work together to create the look of your web page. By speaking the
same language as the browser, you will learn to work with the browser to place content
accurately and easily.

 Creating a CSS Rule for the Column

It will be much easier to see where the left div is located on the page if we create a CSS
style rule for the div and add both a border and a width property to it. In this video we
begin to build the style rules for the left div in order to control both the box and the
content within the box.

Understanding the Float Property

This video demonstrates the float property and the two values available for this property
in CSS. We will use a web page with three divs to play with the float property to demonstrate
the CSS float property before we apply it to our web page for this course.