jQuery Mobile: Building a Mobile Website (Educator)

Take advantage of the jQuery Mobile framework and create cross-platform touch-based mobile websites! Build a jQuery Mobile website including additional features such as twittter feeds and beautiful slideshows in this video course on Educator.com. jQuery Mobile uses the popular jQuery framework which allows for full customization of the built in themes and components. Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs will assist you in building the Travel Adventures mobile website.

jQuery Mobile Video Training at Educator.com!

Learn how to build a mobile website using any HTML editor in this online video course recently released on Educator.com! The jQuery Mobile framework allows you to create an entire website designed specifically for cross-platform touch-based mobile devices using a single web page. Candyce Mairs jQuery Mobile video training course teaches you how to create an entire mobile website that includes exciting additional features such as a slideshow and twitter feed.

Have fun learning jQuery Mobile while creating the Travel Adventures mobile website and take your website skills to the next level! Check out the completed Travel Adventures website and get started with jQuery Mobile now!