Candyce Mairs has received many comments about her outstanding training for classroom and online video courses for Adobe products including Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, Acrobat, Fireworks, Photoshop and LiveCycle Designer.

Below are some of the unsolicited comments from students taking her training. Feel free to use the contact page to add your own feedback about her courses.

“Thank you for being a great teacher! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun watching your Learn by Video series. Another bonus for me is I can repeat the experience as many times as I want.

I think this approach of learning and your style of teaching should be adopted by the mainstream educational system. I believe you would make a great and effective Secretary of Education.”

“Candyce is outstanding, very clear and keeps it short and simple and repeats it. I can understand how the whole site layout for mobile works just from watching a few of her videos. Tell her I said she is brilliant!”
– Seantech

“Dear Candyce,
May I personally congratulate you for the very clear and understandable courses!! I bought Dreamweaver CS5 from a local store and now Fireworks CS4/5 from your website. Total Training is OK, Lynda.com is better, but you are the best! Greets!”

“I applied for a job 4 years ago at my former employer and I was in the final running but lost out because I didn’t know Cold Fusion. The same type of job opening came up again recently and I applied. This time around I feel confident that the skills I have learned in this course will help me prove that I have what it takes to do the job. Candyce does a great job of breaking down each element. In addition, she offers a lot of tips and tricks on common coding errors and how to debug them. It is rare that someone so skilled can still identify with a newbie like myself and be able to slow down and show each step in detail. Candyce does this extremely well. Thank you so much for this course. I highly recommend it for anyone else just staring out with Cold Fusion.”
– Tracey M

“Just wanted to say Thank you for the Dreamweaver training videos, it helped me greatly…  Have a nice weekend!”
– GL

“Just wanted to send you a ‘Job Well Done!’.  I just completed the Dreamweaver CS5 Learn by Video training and it has been a great experience. Thank God I no longer have to arrange everything using HTML tables!  I have now seen the light and CSS is no longer a frustrating mystery. Thank you so much!”
– J Sicore

“Thanks sooooo much. Your video for DW is brilliant and the site is awesome!! And…you’ve got such a sexy American accent!! Thanks”
– NA

“Hello, did your training videos for Dreamweaver. Just wanted to say now much I appreciate them. Thank God for people like you! I have totally enjoyed this learning experience & have learnt more from you than I learned in 1 1/2 yrs of university study. Thank you Candyce!”
– BE

“Thank you for the great, great lectures on Educator com. Your lessons are very clear. I looked at your resume on Cmairscreate … I sure would like for my resume to look like that someday.”
– Lily T