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Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs offers video courses in a variety of subjects including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, CSS, jQuery Mobile, and ColdFusion. View free lessons from her various courses and learn more about how you can purchase them.

ColdFusion Video Training by Candyce

Candyce Mairs has completed a new video training course on ColdFusion 2016 for VTC. This new course is presently being edited and should be available for viewing this month.

Get up to date on the latest version of Adobe ColdFusion in this over 8 hour hands on video training course at Candyce is an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor who will guide you through learning ColdFusion on a step by step basis so you can become familiar with the entire process.

Candyce begins with the software installation and complete ColdFusion setup. The course then moves on working through the process of creating a ColdFusion database driven dynamic website. This course caters to the beginner and intermediate level front end web developer who wants to build a strong foundation in ColdFusion.

This course is available now and can be purchased as a single course, or through a subscription service at

Static Web Page Requests

Static web page requests are a simple process. The browser makes a request on the internet to a specific web page. That web page is located by the web server at that internet address and the web page is returned back to the browser to display for the user. The browser is the client, and the webserver is the server in this client-server model. Static web pages, also known as a “landing page”, “lead capture page”, or a “destination page”, is a page that people will see as soon as they click on a link to take them to the requested page. Websites need to have the first page that browsers (the client) see to be capturing and wanting them to explore their website further. If a page looks dreary and vague, it can put people off and they will not want to look further or even stay. There are ways to help this if you are not someone who is competent at designing pages, the company Klient Boost will help you with a landing page design fit for your page and help bring in website traffic that you need for your website to flourish and gain traction online, upping your SEO.

Static Web Page Request Process

Static Web Page Request Process

Dynamic page requests

Adobe Acrobat Advanced PDF Forms Course

Learn how to build and work with advanced PDF forms using Adobe Acrobat XI. Learn how to extend the capabilities of PDF forms to control them using JavaScript. Learn how to simplify form fields and control user input so the form is filled in correctly by the user. Become familiar with the JavaScript panel and debugger while building a script library to reuse scripts across multiple forms.

Show or hide form fields based on user selections, control printing within a PDF document, build actions to automate repetitive tasks, Learn to control form fields within a PDF form to change color, show, hide and modify properties based upon user input. This course teaches you how to use actions and JavaScript within a PDF form to control form fields.

Learn more about this PDF Forms video training course at Train Simple, or view the outline below.

Advanced PDF Forms Video Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
    • What is an Advanced Acrobat Form?
    • Using the Course Files
    • Customizing the Interface
  • Using Actions to Speed Form Creation
    • What is an Action?
    • Using a Built in Action
    • Creating a Custom Action
    • Running a Custom Action
    • Managing Actions
    • Adding Actions to Quick Tools
  • Using FormsCentral to Build Forms
    • What is FormsCentral?
    • Creating a Form from a Template
    • Customizing a Form
    • Saving a Form Created on FormsCentral
    • Uploading a Form to FormsCentral
  • Working with Button Actions
    • Creating a Print Button
    • Hiding a Button When Printing
    • Creating a Button to Visit a Web Page
  • Extending PDF Forms Beyond Acrobat
    • Adding Features beyond the Basics
    • What is JavaScript?
    • Opening the JavaScript Panel in Acrobat
    • JavaScript Preferences
  • JavaScript Basics
    • JavaScript Terminology & Syntax
    • JavaScript Variables
    • JavaScript Methods
    • Building a Script Library
    • Debugging a Script
  • Modify Fields Using JavaScript
      • Code Triggers
      • Changing the Color of a Form Field
      • Setting Colors to RGB Values
      • Using JavaScript to Modify Field Properties
  • Control Printing Using JavaScript
    • Creating a JavaScript Print Button
    • Eliminating Fields From Being Printed
    • Print the Current Page
    • Creating a Print Button for Specific Pages
  • Using JavaScript within PDF Forms
    • Form Field Validation Overview
    • Running Conditional Scripts
    • Controlling the Message Box
    • Creating Response Boxes
    • Submitting Form Data to Dynamic Email Addresses
    • Adding Calculations to a Form
  • Showing or Hiding Form Fields
    • Showing Form Fields Based on User Entry
    • Showing Form Fields Based on a Checkbox
  • Testing PDF Forms
    • Reader User Considerations
    • Form Testing

Adobe Acrobat PDF Forms Video Course

This Adobe Acrobat PDF forms video course by Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs teaches how to create and edit PDF forms using Adobe Acrobat XI. Become familiar with form design, understand the various form fields available, and discover how to add and edit these fields. You’ll see how to control form field properties to simplify form field creation and control user input to ensure accurate form data.

Learn how to speed up your PDF form creation workflow using the action wizard within Acrobat and the FormsCentral service. Explore the various methods available for PDF form distribution using Adobe Acrobat XI. This course will get you building and controlling PDF forms quickly and easily!

Learn More about the Acrobat PDF Forms Course at or view the course outline below.

Acrobat PDF Forms Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
    • What is Adobe Acrobat XI?
    • Why use a PDF Form?
    • Using the Course Files
  • Acrobat Interface
    • Interface Overview
    • Tools Pane
    • Customizing Quick Tools
    • Customizing for Easy Navigation
    • Creating a Custom Tool Set
  • Form Design
    • Importance of Form Design
    • Paper Forms vs Digital Forms
    • Digital Form Design Considerations
  • Creating a PDF Form
    • What Program Should I Use to Create the Form?
    • Form Properties
    • Auto Detect Form Fields
    • Form Editing Mode
    • Customizing a Document Before Conversion
    • Revising the Digital Document for Better Conversion
  • Starting with a Scanned Form
    • Working with Scanned Documents
    • Converting a Scanned Image into Text
    • Converting a PDF into a Form
    • Naming Form Fields
  • Adding and Editing Form Fields
    • Form Properties vs Field Properties
    • Form Field Positioning and Duplicating
    • Single Line Text Fields
    • Multi-line Text Fields
    • Radio Buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • List Boxes & Dropdown Menus
    • Adding a Button to a Form
    • Customizing Radio Buttons & Checkboxes
  • Form Accessibility
    • Designing for Accessibility
    • Tab Order
    • Adding Tags to a Document
    • Running an Accessibility Report
    • Correcting Accessibility Issues in a PDF
  • Controlling User Input
    • Setting Required Fields
    • Formatting a Date Field
    • Setting up a Phone Number Field
    • Controlling User Entry
  • Working with Adobe Reader Users
    • Reader User Considerations
    • Testing the Form in PDF Viewers
  • Form Distribution Options
    • Options for Form Distribution
    • Add Signature & Send via Email
    • Distribute using Acrobat
    • Distribute Form Recipient
    • Using the Form Tracker
    • Gathering Data into a Responses File
    • Exporting Data into Excel
  • Conclusion

Dreamweaver Training for Adobe Creative Cloud

Dreamweaver training now available for Dreamweaver CC! Anyone with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription has Dreamweaver CC available for download. Learn how to build websites in this video training course at

Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs walks you through the process of building a website from start to finish. Concepts covered along the way include using the CSS Designer panel within Dreamweaver to work with CSS using a visual interface, working with extensions to expand the program to easily add slideshows, insert Adobe Edge Compositions, add HTML5 videos, and create the basics for a jQuery Mobile website.

Take advantage of all that Dreamweaver CC has to offer and make the transition to the web an easy one.

View free lessons at

Adobe ColdFusion Training Course –

Start building dynamic database-driven websites using Adobe ColdFusion in this video trianing course by Candyce Mairs! now offers a way to get started using ColdFusion, a server-side language that can connect to a database. What makes ColdFusion unique is its ability to work with any web server and any database. If you know HTML and CSS, this is the next step to creating websites that work with any type of system.

ColdFusion comes complete with a web server, database and application server built into the software. Learn how to use those systems to understand the basic concepts for any database driven website. ColdFusion requires less coding than any other server-side language, which also means less time correcting issues on your web pages.

Let Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs show you how easy it is to pull data from a database and build a dynamic website. Learn the basics of Adobe ColdFusion in this video training course now!

View free lessons and more

Get Photoshop Designs Converted into Code the Easy Way!

This video course at teaches you how to convert Photoshop PSD files into HTML and CSS web pages. Anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop to create web designs can benefit from this course by Candyce Mairs! This course teaches you how to expand your graphic design skills beyond Photoshop and into web pages.

Learn the concepts of CSS positioning and page layout working in a program you are familiar with. Learn how to set up your designs within Photoshop and get those designs into code the easy way. Become familiar with how a browser understands your design layouts before you move them into code to make the transition an easy process.

Adobe Certified Instructor & Expert Candyce Mairs will walk you through the transition process and get you working on the web in no time!

View Free Lessons and Learn More

Dreamweaver CS5 New Features Workshop Video Training –!

Get Dreamweaver training at!

Candyce Mairs now offers Dreamweaver training in this video course titled Dreamweaver CS5 New Features Workshop! Working in Dreamweaver and considering an upgrade to CS5? This course offers an overview of all the new features in Dreamweaver CS5, with separate video lessons for each new feature. Quickly learn how to work with the CSS Inspect Tool, become familiar with the CSS Enable/Disable features, and look over the new CSS Starter Layouts included with the program. These are but a few of the new features in Dreamweaver CS5.

Available immediately for $9 or order here for 33% off this course! Udemy offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Access.

View Course at

jQuery Mobile Video Training at!

Learn how to build a mobile website using any HTML editor in this online video course recently released on! The jQuery Mobile framework allows you to create an entire website designed specifically for cross-platform touch-based mobile devices using a single web page. Candyce Mairs jQuery Mobile video training course teaches you how to create an entire mobile website that includes exciting additional features such as a slideshow and twitter feed.

Have fun learning jQuery Mobile while creating the Travel Adventures mobile website and take your website skills to the next level! Check out the completed Travel Adventures website and get started with jQuery Mobile now!

Dreamweaver CC Video Course Coming Soon! will soon be releasing my new 23 hour Dreamweaver CC video training course! Learn how to use the various features within Dreamweaver CC including inserting Edge Animate Compositions, creating jQuery Mobile pages using Dreamweaver, adding jQuery plugins to add interactivity to your website and much more. Watch my site for more information about this exciting new course and get up to date using the latest Adobe version of Dreamweaver!