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Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs offers video courses in a variety of subjects including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, CSS, jQuery Mobile, and ColdFusion. View free lessons from her various courses and learn more about how you can purchase them.

Exploring CSS Positioning

Controlling Layout with CSS

CSS enables you to control the look and layout of a web page much more precisely than you could with HTML alone, but it can be time-consuming to learn. In this innovative workshop, expert developer Candyce Mairs makes it quick and easy, walking you through the process of adding content to a web page and using CSS to position that content. You will learn CSS positioning concepts like the CSS “box model,” “floats,” and “clears,” and gain a deeper understanding of how HTML and CSS work together to create the look of your web page. By speaking the same language as the browser, you will learn to work with the browser to place content accurately and easily.

Topics include:

– Previewing pages in browsers
– Customizing the HTML editor
– HTML vs. CSS: which does what?
– Building the header area
– Adding the navigation menu
– Positioning using a float
– Adding background colors and images
– Comparing the web page to the graphic design

Author: Candyce Mairs
Level: Beginner
: 3h 57m
Released: May 24, 2012


Exploring CSS Positioning Trailer

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Learn Adobe Dreamweaver the Easy Way!

“What is Dreamweaver?” | Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Dreamweaver can speed up your website development substantially due to
the many features built into the program. Get an overview of the Dreamweaver
interface and preview the product in this free sample lesson at

“Creating Page Designs” | Dreamweaver CS6

The first step in building a website is to create a page design in a graphics editor
such as Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks.View these 2 Adobe products and learn
more about the page design process in this lesson at

“Using Firebug for CSS / JS” | Dreamweaver CS6

Modern browsers offer many built-in tools to assist you with web development. There
are also many free browser plug-ins that are available that can be installed
separately. Learn more about the Firebug Firefox extension and view how it can
assist you when working in CSS or JavaScript on your web pages.

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From Web Design to Website

Bridge the Gap Between Graphic Design and the Web

WebDesigntoWebsiteSometimes the most difficult part of creating a website is a step that is often overlooked: converting a graphic design into HTML/CSS files to be used on the web. This step is why many people reach out to someone who knows website design in Bedford to help them create their dream site. In this workshop, expert web developer and trainer Candyce Mairs shows you how to use a design created in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements as the basis for a website created with Dreamweaver. If you don’t quite understand the website design process then it might be worth searching Web Design Cardiff to find a professional in your area with the expertise to do this for you. Anyway, you’ll learn how to “slice” graphic design for conversion, optimize and export your images for the web, and plan how you are going to organize your website. These steps can be shaped by making a web design questionnaire or by going off a list of requirements.

Then, as the course moves into Dreamweaver, you’ll use HTML and CSS to create web pages, add content, and format and position that content. Finally, you’ll see how to test your pages in a variety of browsers to make sure you get the best results. If you feel like that is a lot to take in, it can be to someone who hasn’t dealt with web design and development before. If you feel like you might want to have someone else/another company help design your website so you know that it is running smoothly and looking the way you want it to be, you can contact companies such as Big Gorilla Design to discuss your vision for your web design. Always do what’s best for you and your business in getting the word out.

Publication Date: January, 2012
Duration: 6 hrs 55 min


From Web Design to Website Trailer

Building the Application Framework and Handling Errors in ColdFusion 9

Control Page Events and Improve Site Performance

AppFrameworkHandlingErrorsColdfusionAnyone who works with ColdFusion-based websites should understand the application and error handling frameworks. Taking advantage of the application level allows you to control events in your pages, offers better performance for your website and web pages, and gives you complete control of error handling within a site. Above all, understanding the above can make it easier for you to remedy any caching issues through platforms such as spring cache. Ultimately, if you were not already aware, caching is the process of saving data temporarily so the site, browser or app does not need to download it each time. There are lots of ways data can be cached but typically it is the duty of the website owner to set what is known as a header on the data. This tells the computer being used that the data can be cached, and stipulates for how long. The website owner then sets caching instructions and your browser gets told what to download. There should also be instructions on how and where to store any temporary files. Essentially you can manually change policies on what is cached at any time, to reduce what is being stored on your device. In this unique workshop from expert developer Candyce Mairs, you´ll use ColdFusion Builder as the development environment for building a complete ColdFusion application and error handling framework. Additional topics include speeding up your ColdFusion performance using query caching and looking at your server performance using the Server Monitor.

Publication Date: August, 2011
Duration: 4 hrs 45 min


Building a Data-Driven Website with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5

Develop and Test Dynamic Sites

DataDrivenWebsiteDreamweaverIn this course presented by expert developer and Adobe Certified Trainer Candyce Mairs and published in partnership with Peachpit Press, you’ll learn how to build a dynamic, database-driven website using the many features built into Dreamweaver CS5.5. Candyce covers the complete installation and setup of a testing environment for dynamic website development including web servers, application servers, server-side languages, and the appropriate databases for each type of server. You’ll learn how to display database data using Dreamweaver features such as dynamic tables, recordset paging, and recordset navigation; use master-detail page sets to create a data drill-down interface; create database queries using the Recordset Builder and a form to search the database using SQL; and much more. By the time you’re finished, you will have built a complete dynamic, data-driven website.

Publication Date: June, 2011
Duration: 3 hrs 35 min


Dynamic Dreamweaver Websites: Creating and Validating Forms

Work with Forms, CAPTCHA Images, and Ajax

Forms perform an essential function in modern websites, making it possible to gather information from users and validate that information. In this course from Adobe Certified Expert Candyce Mairs, you’ll learn how to create forms to email user information and validate user data using various methods of form validation including client-side, server-side, and custom validation, CAPTCHA images, and Spry validation fields. You’ll also see how to set up a PHP testing environment and  preview PHP pages in Dreamweaver. Along the way you’ll build your skills in areas like using admin consoles, commenting code, working with variables and includes, and much more.

Topics include:

– Installing XAMPP on a Windows system
– Installing MAMP on a Mac system
– Using admin consoles
– Creating PHP pages
– Commenting code
– Working with web forms
– Adding custom validation
– Using redirects
– Dealing with email issues

Author: Candyce Mairs
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 3h 34m
Released: May 19, 2011


Getting Started with ColdFusion 9

Step-by-Step Basics to Get You on Your Way

GettingStartedColdFusionIn this hands-on course from Adobe Certified Expert Candyce Mairs, you’ll build a dynamic, database-driven website using ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder, an exciting interface developed by Adobe specifically for ColdFusion development. You’ll see how to set up a testing environment by installing ColdFusion, ColdFusion Builder, and a database and use ColdFusion tags and built-in functions to get and display database data. Then you’ll learn how to create data-driven pages and pass data between those pages, as well as how to use and validate forms. By completing this project you’ll gain a thorough understanding of dynamic websites, including how web servers, application servers, server-side languages, and databases all work together to create web pages.

Publication Date
: June, 2011
Duration: 4 hrs 15 min


Adobe Fireworks CS5: New Features Workshop

Upgrade Your Adobe Fireworks Skills

NewFeaturesWorkshopvideo2brain’s New Features workshops are designed to get you quickly up to speed on the latest versions of your favorite software. In Adobe Fireworks CS5: New Features Workshop, expert trainer Candyce Mairs covers all of the new and enhanced features in the latest version of Adobe’s bitmap and vector graphics editing software. These include enhanced integration with the entire Creative Suite, expanded exporting options, and the ability to quickly create wireframes from Fireworks templates using the new Document Template feature.

Publication Date
: Nov 23, 2010
Duration: 50 min


Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: New Features Workshop

Upgrade Your Adobe Dreamweaver Skills

DreamweaverNewFeaturesWorkshopvideo2brain’s New Features workshops are designed to get you quickly up to speed on the latest versions of your favorite software. In Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: New Features Workshop, expert trainer Candyce Mairs covers all of the new and enhanced features in the latest version of Adobe’s web design software. These include the ability to disable and edit CSS properties or work with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla pages directly within the Dreamweaver interface. With this workshop and Dreamweaver CS5, you´ll find it easier than ever before to build and troubleshoot websites.

Publication Date: Nov 23, 2010
Duration: 35 min