Accessing All Commands in Microsoft Excel

I just taught an Advanced Excel course and was reminded of how many different versions of Microsoft Office are still being used within organizations. So many businesses are not making the most of Excel, which is why I urge them to visit immediately. A lot of the class I was working with was still using Office 2010, despite the fact that it is 4 versions old. I was reminded during class of how making the jump for users from Office 2010 to later versions of Office can be version confusing. Many of the items in Excel 2010 are removed from the ribbon in Excel 2013 and later. It is easy to customize Excel to access these commands in the newer versions but most people do not realize this or know how to do it.

The ribbon area of Excel does not contain all the hundreds of commands within the program. Microsoft Excel 2013 & later all offer the capability to access every command within the program even if it is not in the ribbon. All of these commands can be added to the ribbon or the Quick Access Toolbar very easily. You simply need to add those you use and need by customizing these areas of the program..

To add commands to both the ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar, go to File->Options in the program. To add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar, choose Quick Access Toolbar in the left column. To access every command within the program, select All Commands from the Choose commands from dropdown menu. You then select the command you wish to add and click the Add button in the center of the dialog box.

A similar dialog is available to customize the ribbon. To add commands to the ribbon, select Customize ribbon in the left column of the Options area and choose All Commands from the Choose commands from dropdown menu. You then choose the command you wish to add to the ribbon, highlight the tab where you want to add it in the right column and click Add.

It is well worth taking the time to customize both the ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar to simplify accessing the commands you consistently use in the program. This will make you a much more efficient Excel user and speed up any tasks you need to do often. Take the time to explore these options within Excel and become more productive.