Adobe Captivate 9.01 Update

Adobe Captivate 9 has an update available that includes a few new features along with some bug fixes. Be sure to go to Help->Updates to access this new update. Once the update has been applied, your Captivate version will display as If your IT department is responsible for all software updates, you will want to make them aware of this update.

One exciting new feature available through this update is the ability to use Rulers & Guides within Captivate in a similar manner to other Adobe products. This is a feature that has been sorely lacking in previous versions and has frustrated many users. This new capability is well thought out within the program. You can set rulers and guides to be based on pixels or percentages depending upon whether you are working in a responsive or non-responsive project. Rulers are applied by default as percentage based for responsive projects, and pixel based for non-responsive projects. View the rulers and guides video to learn more about the new Rulers & Guides in this video.

Another new features is a small checkbox within the Object State area that allows you to retain the state of an object if a user revisits a slide. This simple checkbox sales you a lot of work when using multi-state objects.

Captivate Draft for the iPad has also had an update. This is a storyboarding program available with Captivate 9 that allows you to plan your projects and share these storyboards for team collaboration. You will find the app a bit easier to use with this update.

Another new feature from this update are some additional responsive navigation players that are now available for you to bring into your own projects. There can be some quirks to working with some of these new players, so you will want to view the video before working with these new responsive navigation players.

For more detailed explanation about how to install the update and all the new features available, visit Captivate 9.01 Release Notes.