Adobe Creative Cloud Users (CC version only)

If you are an Adobe Creative Cloud user and have the subscription service, be sure to stay up to date on all the various software updates within Creative Cloud. Adobe is continuously updating software within the Creative Cloud, so it is easy to simply apply an update if you are prompted, and not realize that included in that software update are some new features that can save you hours of time in your workflow.

A quick and easy way to stay on top of the changes is to click the What’s New link below the specific software name before you select the Update button. This area gives you a quick overview of what is new in that update, so you can easily see if there is anything specific to your workflow, or anything you should look into a bit further. Included in the What’s New text are links to additional details about the update including documentation about fixes to known issues within the software.

We are all so busy trying to complete our work that is is difficult to find the time to stay updated on new features. Keep in mind that those new features may allow you to skim minutes if not hours off your workflow. Start scanning the What’s New text before making your updates, and you can easily determine if you should explore the update a bit further before moving into your daily work. Taking 30 seconds before updating could make a huge difference in your daily work!