Captivate 9 Release

Captivate 9 was officially released recently, and there are lots of new features to check out. Learn more about all the new features and stay up to date on Captivate news at the Adobe Captivate Blog – Adobe Captivate 9 link.

Captivate 8 introduced the capability to create responsive elearning content that can adapt to mobile phone, tablet and desktop screen sizes automatically. This was a huge step forward for the program.

Captivate 9 introduces a new storyboard iPad app named Adobe Captivate Draft. This new app allows you to storyboard your elearning content including features for a team review process built into the app. Once the storyboard is finalized, you can open the storyboard in Captivate 9 and convert it to an elearning course.

Once your course is complete, you can upload it to a new Adobe LMS system named Adobe Captivate Prime. Learn more about Adobe Captivate Prime – Adobe Learning Management System (LMS) including a free trial of this new learning environment by Adobe.

Adobe now offers a complete elearning course workflow. Move from design and storyboarding using Captivate Draft, to course creation and completion using Captivate 9. Complete the workflow and publish to Captivate Prime.

Captivate 9 offers many new additional features beyond these 2 new programs. Download the Captivate 9 trial version and get started today!