Copyright, Trademark and Patent Resources

Intellectual property laws can be very confusing. Below are some resources to assist you in understanding copyright, trademark and patent information. Please note that every country has it’s own laws on these topics so be sure to check the information for your country. Those below are very specific to the United States. You can also view the patent of Candyce Mairs on a topic totally unrelated to computer technology, software and training.

Copyright Information

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Patent Information


Search Engine (SEO) Resources

Get your search engine resources all in one location at CMairsCreate. Search Engine optimization is the best way to get your site ranked on the web. Below find links for specific search engines, tools to optimize your website, and browser extensions. Gathered below is a variety of information to assist you in webpage rankings. Learn more about this very broad and ever-changing topic. The links below have been hand picked so you can stay up to date on how to keep your website ranked highly.

Use the links below to stay ahead of the various SEO updates as your business can be directly impacted by these changes.

SEO Tools

Alexa Resources

Bing Resources

Browser SEO Tools & Extensions

Google Resources

Sitemap Builders

HTML and HTML5 Resources


Image Resources for Websites

Listed below are resources related to images for the web including stock image websites, animated images including cinemagraphs, screen recording and capture programs, captcha & svg images and color conversion websites. Obtaining stock images can be expensive and difficult to locate when building a website.

Images at many of the websites below are free. Some offer stock photos and images under the Creative Commons License which allows free use of the images for any legal purpose. This license does not allow redistribution without permission and sales are not allowed. Be sure to check the licensing for each of the websites below to be sure you are following the proper licensing requirements when you use an image.

Stock Images (Check Site Licensing for Usage)

Adobe LiveCycle Designer Resources

Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Reader Resources