New ColdFusion Public Beta Released

A public beta has been released of the next version of ColdFusion, code named Splendor, This upcoming ColdFusion release is now available for download. This upcoming version has many new exciting features, one of which is all new functionality for developing mobile applications.

ColdFusion Builder has also been updated with a new public beta release. This upcoming version has an improved interface that expands the program well beyond the capabilities of ColdFusion Builder 2. Download the public beta of ColdFusion Builder code named Thunder and explore the various new features to improve your ColdFusion development.

Use your ColdFusion skills and CFML to build mobile applications directly within ColdFusion. Preview a video of the new mobile application features and the mobile workflow by Ram Kulkarni. These new features will be included in the upcoming release of Coldfusion, and Adobe is allowing the public to begin to work with them now with this beta release.

The upcoming version of ColdFusion also offers new tags, functions, capabilities and security enhancements to make your ColdFusion applications easier to build and more secure, it’s recommended to carry out extensive mobile app performance testing considering the builder is still in beta. Get a head start on the various new features by working with the public betas now.

Watch the ColdFusion Resources page at CMairsCreate for links related to the public beta release.