Getting Started with Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Outline

Please Note:
  • A general outline of the course is provided below. 
  • All outlines are customizable to meet the specific needs of each client.
  • All courses are available in a classroom or online setting.

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Learning the Interface
Defining a Local Site
Creating a Website
Adding Content to a Site
Adding Content
Controlling Document Structure
Making Lists
Adding Horizontal Rules
Adding Special Characters

Formatting with Cascading Style Sheets
Formatting Text
Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
Creating Styles
Exporting CSS Rule Definitions
Creating Class Styles
Attaching External Style Sheets
Creating Advanced Styles
Creating a New External Style Sheet
Displaying Styles
Understanding Cascading Order and Inheritance of Styles
Creating Internal Styles with the Property Inspector
Using Code Navigator

Working with Graphics
Using Graphics on Webpages
Placing Graphics on the Page
Accessibility Setting
Modifying Image Properties
Editing Images
Doing Roundtrip Editing with Fireworks
Customizing the Insert Bar
Adding Flash Content
Adding Flash Video

Creating Site Navigation Using Hyperlinks
Understanding Site Navigation
Linking to Files in Your Site
Linking to Sites
Targeting a Link
Linking to Named Anchors
Adding E-mail Links
Linking from Images
Image Maps
Creating a Jump Menu

Designing Page Layouts with CSS
Understanding Page Layout
Using Layers for Layout
Adding CSS to Layers
Using Absolute and Relative Positioning
Designing with DIVs
Designing Navigation Links with CSS
Importing Tabular Data

Working with Dreamweaver Libraries and Templates
Using Site Library Items
Creating Site Templates
Defining Editable Regions
Using Templates
Applying a Template to an Existing Page
Modifying Templates

Creating Web Forms
Understanding Forms
Form Accessibility and Usability
Creating Tableless Forms with CSS
Setting focus in a Form
Using HTML5 to Validate a Form

Testing, Maintaining, and Uploading
Testing Your Site
Maintaining Your Files and Folders
Connecting to a Remote Site