The Importance of IT Skills

IT skills are becoming highly valued and many jobs continue to be left open due to a lack of skilled workers. IT Technology, an IT related publication, just released a study listing the top 10 IT skills for 2014. The article stresses the importance of IT skills for the future, and the difficulty in filling these IT positions. Positions include skills such as programming, application development, project management, help desk and technical support, and networking.

Employment Opportunities in IT

There have been many articles written in the last year about the importance of programming skills. With the advent of mobile devices, these skills have become extremely important for any type of company. No business is immune to the need to create and work with data from mobile phones or tablets. Desktop computers are but one of a variety of methods for viewing and working with information, and the need for skilled workers to produce and maintain these desktop and mobile applications will continue to grow.

Programming and application development tops the list as the number one skill set for 2014. This comes as no surprised, but the number two skill is listed as help desk and technical support. This may be a surprise, but companies are beginning to bring their help systems in house instead of outsourcing this portion of the business. Getting skilled workers who can also remain patient and perform troubleshooting for non-technical users is a challenge for companies.

The third most valued IT skill for 2014 is networking. No company can survive without the capability to access data and communicate amongst workers and those in the field. Keeping networks running efficiently is a highly valued skill. Networking and system administrators show an unemployment rate as low as 1.1 percent. Building an efficient networking work force within a company is crucial to keeping the business running and performing at its peak.

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